Who Can Perform a Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental Bonding Fairfax, VA

The teeth are strong naturally, and many times, dental bonding can improve the looks. That is, even more, the case if you have chips in the teeth, and it is not hard to get chips. Bruxism and tooth decay can both lead to chips, as well. Keep reading to learn whether bonding is right for you.

About tooth bonding

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic procedure that can fix a broken or cracked tooth. Plus, it is useful for discoloration or gaps in the teeth. Teeth that are shorter than the others are also candidates for bonding. The composite resin can make teeth look new again. Unlike other restorations, the color is similar to the other teeth’s color.

A general dentist can do dental bonding. Many people have concerns about their smile, but it is critical to fix any cracks or chips. That way, patients can chew correctly. It also reduces the chances of future damage, which might threaten the patient’s overall oral health.

Who can get dental bonding?

Those who have minor injuries might benefit from dental bonding. The same is true for teeth that do not have severe issues. Patients who have lost teeth might want to get an implant. However, minor problems are perfect for bonding. Dental bonding is suitable for those who are happy with their tooth color. Whitening should happen before bonding since the resin does not whiten.

Are there any risks?

Patients do not need to worry about potential risks associated with dental bonding. It is on an outpatient basis. Unlike veneers, the dentist does not even need to grind the teeth down. That means if the resin gets damaged, it is easy to fix without the worry of what the tooth looks like. Plus, the material does not break as much as crowns.

Caring for the bonded teeth

The natural teeth enamel and teeth are healthy, and the composite resin is not as strong. The bond repairs the patient’s teeth, but it is still critical to care for them well. The patient should avoid chewing on pens or ice cubes. Plus, hard candies and other hard foods are not suitable for bonding.

The material does not resist stains very well, and there might be discoloration if the patient drinks a lot of wine. Once there are stains, it is impossible to get them off the resin. If there is staining, the patient may have to deal with it unless they replace it. Tooth whitening is still possible with dental bonding. But that means the surrounding teeth will not be the same color as the bonding.

Choose the right dental bonding

The teeth are healthy, but that does not mean it is impossible to destroy them. Bonding can fix chips and cracks. It lasts for a long time to come, and it is easy to do in one appointment. If your teeth are already healthy, then bonding might be right for you. Contacting your dentist today is the first step in getting the smile of your dreams.

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