Save Your Chipped Tooth with a Root Canal

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A severely chipped tooth can be saved by root canal therapy. The treatment might be recommended by a dentist when a tooth is so chipped, its pulp chamber has been compromised.

The pulp chamber is a sealed-off inner layer of a tooth, and it contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. These soft tissues are essential when a tooth is still developing, but they are no longer required once a tooth has fully erupted. From that point, the tooth can get the nutrients it needs from the soft tissues around it.

A root canal for a chipped tooth involves removing the soft tissues in the pulp chamber when damage opens the area up to bacteria and acids in the mouth. This makes the tooth vulnerable to infection and causes toothaches whenever the soft tissues are irritated by debris or acids in the mouth.

Treating a chipped tooth with root canal therapy

When a patient comes in with a damaged tooth, the dentist will examine the tooth to determine its severity. Mild or moderate chips can be treated with composite bonding, veneers, or crowns. If the injury is severe enough to require a root canal, the dentist will make a recommendation to the patient.

Root canal therapy starts with the dentist giving the patient a shot of a local anesthetic. This numbs the area around the tooth so the patient does not feel pain as the dentist works. Contrary to popular public opinion that root canals are some scary dental procedure, patients do not feel pain during the procedure and there should not be noticeable discomfort afterward. If anything, root canal therapy brings any severe toothache the patient is dealing with to an end.

Once the anesthetic has been administered, the dentist will drill a hole into the damaged tooth to open up its pulp chamber. The soft tissues there are extracted using dental files to pull them out. Medication is inserted through the hole into the tooth, then it is sealed with gutta-percha.

Teeth that have been treated with a root canal are usually covered up with a crown to protect them from further damage. Depending on how much of the tooth came off due to the injury, the dentist might remove portions of the enamel or rebuild the tooth with a filling to prepare it for a crown.

An impression of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to a lab where crowns are made. The process takes roughly two weeks for the finished restoration to get back to the dentist. The prepared tooth is fitted with a crown to protect it while the customized crown is being made.

During a second appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and the customized restoration is placed on the tooth. The patient’s tooth should be fully restored at this point.

Root canal therapy can save your severely chipped tooth

A root canal is often the last option left to save a severely chipped tooth. Call or stop by our Fairfax clinic to learn more about the process.

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