How Endodontic Procedures Can Improve Your Oral Health

Endodontic Surgery Fairfax, VA

Endodontics refers to a branch of dentistry that focuses on studying, diagnosing, and treating problems that affect the pulp of teeth. The most commonly performed endodontic treatment used in dentistry is the root canal, and it allows dentists to save teeth that have been severely damaged.

Root canal treatments are often the last line of defense when it comes to saving a tooth. A tooth that is too damaged to be restored with endodontics might need to be extracted.

Improving your oral health with endodontics

While effective tooth replacement options like implants, dentures, and bridges have been developed over the years, natural teeth are still better than artificial teeth. A dentist saving a natural tooth saves you money since you do not have to replace it with an oral prosthetic like an implant. Implants last longer than any other tooth-replacement option, yet you might still have to replace the restoration attached to it a few times over a lifetime.

Saving a patient’s teeth also allows them to avoid having to undergo minor oral surgery so implants can be inserted into their jaw.

The biggest dangers to teeth

Tooth decay is the most common reason people seek dental care. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth converting sugars left on teeth into acids that erode enamel. The decay often starts as de-mineralization, then tiny holes called cavities appear on the patient’s teeth. Left untreated, these cavities will continue to expand until they reach the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is the innermost layer of a tooth, and it is sealed off from the rest of the tooth, preventing acids and bacteria from reaching the nerves and blood vessels inside it.

Tooth decay opening up a tooth’s pulp chamber makes it vulnerable to infection. Severe toothaches often accompany the damage as irritants in the mouth and bacteria irritate the soft tissues in the chamber.

A tooth’s pulp chamber can also be opened up by trauma to a tooth. It can be the result of a slip, fall, or a direct blow to the face. Endodontics is typically needed when a tooth’s pulp chamber is compromised.

Some of the ways endodontic treatments help to protect your oral health include:

  • Prevents and treats infection: Endodontic treatments like root canal therapy can be used to prevent or treat infections. The procedure involves cleaning out the tooth’s pulp chamber and sealing it up with gutta-percha
  • Saves damaged teeth: Endodontic treatments save severely damaged teeth, preventing them from breaking apart further or falling out. This helps to prevent some of the issues that missing teeth can cause, like the remaining teeth moving out of their proper alignment
  • Remove pathological pulp: Endodontic treatments are used to remove defective pulp tissues due to factors like genetics

The bottom line

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