Different Types of Orthodontics Appliances

Different Types of Orthodontics Appliances from Smile Makers Dental Center in Fairfax, VAThere are different types of appliances to choose from when it comes to orthodontics. These appliances typically work by pushing on the wearer’s teeth, gradually improving their alignment over time. Malocclusions, or bite problems, that can be treated with oral appliances include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites

Addressing poor teeth alignment provides a variety of benefits, like improved oral health, speech, and appearance. Treatment times with orthodontics are typically somewhere around 12 to 36 months, based on how severe the patient’s malocclusion is.

Dental appliances commonly used for orthodontics

Here are a few of the devices that can be used to fix misaligned teeth.

1. Braces

Metal braces have been effective at straightening teeth for over a century. They are made up of metal brackets and wires. Each bracket is attached to a tooth, and a wire connects the brackets on each half of the jaw. Tightening these wires exerts a pushing force on the wearer’s teeth.

Braces are typically recommended for people dealing with malocclusions caused by jaw abnormalities. Other options, like clear aligners, are less effective at this. Noteworthy things that patients should know about braces include:

  • Braces are fixed in place once attached to teeth
  • Braces can make eating, speaking, and oral hygiene more challenging
  • Braces can increase the risk of tooth decay
  • Braces are more noticeable
  • Braces might be required if a person has a severe orthodontic issue

2. Ceramic braces

These are just like metal braces, but the metal parts have been switched out for tooth-colored and transparent ones. Ceramic braces can be just as effective as traditional metal braces, and they provide improved aesthetics. They are an ideal option for people who need braces but do not want to have to deal with their less aesthetically pleasing visuals.

3. Lingual braces

These have similar components to metal braces, but instead of attaching the brackets to the front of the patient’s teeth, the dentist attaches them at the back of the teeth. This hides the appliance, so it does not affect the way that the patient’s teeth look. Lingual braces tend to be the most uncomfortable type of braces, and they are rarely used nowadays because there are more comfortable discreet options, like clear aligners.

4. Clear aligners

Clear aligners are plastic trays that go over teeth. They apply force on the wearer’s teeth, improving their alignment over the course of treatment. Clear aligners are removable, unlike the other appliances, so they do not interfere with oral hygiene or meals. Clear aligners are viewed as the most convenient way to straighten teeth, and the adjustment period is usually shorter. However, they require more of a commitment from the patient and are less ideal for teenagers and children.

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