Are Clear Braces a Safe Orthodontics Option for Smile Correction?

Clear Aligners Fairfax, VA

Clear aligners are one of the discreet options you get to choose from when it comes to orthodontics. These appliances are made from clear, rigid plastics, and they fit over teeth snugly. Clear aligners work using the same principle that powers other devices used in orthodontics like traditional metal braces. The appliance exerts a constant force on the patient’s teeth, gradually improving their alignment.

Figuring out if clear braces are safe for orthodontics

Clear braces are a safe orthodontics treatment when provided by a dentist. The process starts with the dentist evaluating the patient’s teeth to determine if clear braces are the right option for them. There are two main types of clear braces used. The first is the type we described earlier; a transparent mouth tray that pushes teeth towards an improved alignment. The second type of clear braces looks a lot like traditional metal braces. Components are simply swapped out with more aesthetically pleasing options. Instead of metal brackets that can be seen whenever the wearer opens their mouth, clear braces come with transparent brackets and wires, making them a lot harder to detect.

The severity of the patient’s condition often determines what type of clear braces the dentist recommends. Clear aligners are great for moderate to severe orthodontic issues. They can be used to fix teeth alignment issues like overbites, underbites, crossbites, crooked teeth, and spaces between teeth. Clear braces might be recommended when a patient has severe teeth alignment problems that cannot be treated with clear aligners. Severe orthodontic issues often require an appliance that can also reposition the jaw.

Once the dentist has determined clear braces or aligners are best for the patient, digital images of their teeth are taken and used to make a 3D model of their teeth. The data is used to craft the patient’s customized appliance.

If the dentist decides to go with clear braces, the patient gets a fixed appliance that will not be removed until their treatment is over. The main difference between clear braces and traditional braces is the fact that the former is harder to notice when the wearer opens their mouth. Everything else stays the same.

If the dentist goes with clear aligners, the patient gets several sets of mouth trays. Each set is worn for about two weeks before being switched out with another set that moves the wearer’s teeth closer to the target alignment. The further down the series the patient gets, the closer their teeth will be to the desired position.

The benefits that come with clear aligners include:

  • A discreet way to straighten teeth
  • The patient gets a removable device that will not get in the way of meals and oral hygiene
  • Clear aligners are more comfortable than braces
  • The patient gets to show off their smile as their teeth are straightened

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