4 Benefits of Endodontics

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Endodontics is not in the top three dentistry fields, so it is easy to miss the importance of its treatments. This dentistry branch focuses on treating and diagnosing diseases or damages to the internal layer of the tooth, including the roots and pulp chamber. If there is an infection or severe decay, the dentist can remove the infected and inflamed pulp without removing the tooth or compromising its structure.

Benefits of endodontics

Studies have shown that the success rate of endodontic treatments is 95%. The dentist will only recommend the treatment if they believe that the tooth can be saved. Saving the natural tooth is always the preferred option to maintain the smile's appearance and save the cost of getting tooth replacements. A treated tooth can survive a lifetime of use. The benefits of endodontics include the following.

Eliminate tooth pain

An infected tooth can cause debilitating pain. Often, patients who have a severe toothache are faced with two options to stop the pain: to undergo endodontic treatment or to remove the tooth. Endodontics is the more conservative option and will save more of the original tooth structure. Root canal therapy has saved many natural teeth from extraction.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not a painful procedure. It is a relatively straightforward and pain-free treatment that takes one or two dental visits. Compared to the pain that comes with teeth extraction, patients can opt for a painless root canal to treat an infected tooth. The final decision between extraction and endodontics depends on the result of the dentist's assessment.

Has impressive results

An experienced dentist can identify tooth infections and make accurate diagnoses. The latest technology is available to detect infections and provide treatment comfortably. Patients who undergo endodontic treatment are generally satisfied with the results. The process restores the tooth's original shape and structure, which can be a big confidence booster compared to losing the tooth and having a gap in the smile.

Restores dental functions

After endodontics, patients can continue to eat and chew as usual. Removing a tooth compromises the entire tooth structure and may limit one's diet options. Within a few days after the root canal procedure, the treated tooth will be fully usable, with no risk of damage.

Lowers the risk of infection

Performing endodontic treatment on an infected tooth involves removing the bacterial infection. This consequently prevents the infection from spreading to the rest of the teeth and parts of the oral cavity. There is a higher risk of infection when a tooth is extracted, especially if the patient does not have an excellent oral care routine. Once the tooth is treated with a root canal and the bacteria are eliminated, the dentist will place gutta-percha in the canals to seal it and prevent the risk of reinfection.

Final thoughts

The dentist will first check if a tooth can be saved by endodontics before recommending the treatment. The infected or damaged tooth will only be extracted if the decay or damage is too severe. Once the endodontic treatment is completed, the tooth will be good as new.

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